Subwoofer are sound equipments dedicated solely to low frequencies reproduction.No matter how loud or how soft you like to listen to your music, a good subwoofer will truly improve the overall sounding experience and immerse you in a great listening atmosphere.If big bass is on top of your priorities , don’t rely solely on your speakers to satisfy your speakers aren’t designed to cover low frequencies,thus they are not capable of giving your music realism and depth it needs to sound great.A well-choosen subwoofer is the solution to your needs.It can make the difference between a good and a great car sounding system.

There are actually many types of car subwoofers,and choosing one of these totally depends on a lot of different factors including your budget,musical taste, and the available space you have in your vehicle.

What kind of sub should you get ?

  • Do you want to build a truly personalized system : If that’s the case , then you should start by looking at component subs.These subs should be mounted in a subwoofer enclosure in order to operate properly.In addition,if you want to take full advantage of these subs, you’ll need to drive them with a powerful external amplifier, as they require huge amount of power, especially the larger ones.
  • Do you want an easy “off-the-shelf” subwoofer : Enclosed subs are pre-mounted into a box designed specifically to accomodate the speaker.These type of subs eliminate the need to choose an enclosure, so you cut off a great deal of work and efforts in designing and building the sound system.However, these subs present some drawbacks, such as the limitation in terms of speakers and box-type choice to have.Bear in mind that you’ll still need an external amplifier to power the sub.
  • I want a simple, space-saving bass system. These type of subwoofers combine an amplifier and woofer in an enclosure.And since the amplifier and the subwoofer are combined in the same unit,then there’s only one piece of equipment to find an installation location for.The most important thing about these subs is that they are versatile and compact , so they won’t take up a lot of space inside your vehicle.

Some key specs to consider

Once you decide what type of subwoofer to go with, comparing key specs and features can be helpful in making the right decision. Here are some key specs to consider:

  • Power
  • Sensitivity
  • Size of the woofer
  • Impedance load

You might also want to take into consideration the following specs :

  • Enclosure type
  • Frequency range
  • Number of voice coils

There many factors to be taken into consideration in order to build a good sound system.Besides subwoofer, having the best car audio speakers is an other great way to ensure that your sound system  can cover in an efficient way both low and high frequencies.

 How to Choose a Car Subwoofer

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